Built Environment

Buildings, structures, bridges, interiors and exteriors - all examples of the built environment. I have shot many of these for architects, construction companies, structural engineers, hotels and restaurants. Get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.

Product Photography

Whether you require some photographs of the latest widget you've developed, or a range of your products, I can help you. Pricing can be on a per shot basis, or an overall cost - whichever works out as the most cost-effective for your requirements.

Corporate Portraits

Most companies require images of their staff for their web site, social media or publications. I can come to your premises and shoot any corporate portraits you require - be it individuals, groups - or both.

Events Photography

There are generally two types of events, and I cover both;

A corporate event your company is holding, for which you require general shots of the event and maybe a few group shots.

An event, such as a Masonic Lodge occasion, where I bring a portable studio and guests can have individual, couple or group shots taken. Guests can purchase prints which are printed on-site, with a gallery of password protected images also uploaded after the event.